Good Leadership Starts With Knowing When To Hold Your Tongue

Woman covers her mouth with her finger, illustrating that good leadership involves being quiet and knowing when to delegate.

Wielding your words well is a challenge for anyone in a position of leadership that wants to foster a strong team. When a leader speaks, the team (and company) listens. Not to say that everyone in the company walks in lockstep with the leader at his whim, it’s just to say that the leader’s words […]

Hiring Has Changed

The pandemic changed everything in the job market. Unemployment soared, hiring froze, the fear of job loss occurred for many. Then at the start of 2021 it reversed. The economy was on the rebound, and the job market was white hot. All of the sudden, we were worried that we would not be able to […]

Threats as Opportunities in HR

In March of 2020, our world, as all of you know, halted. Unemployment soared, hiring froze and the fear of job loss occurred for many. Nearly every company made a plan of action in case something worse happened. In our organization, EC Group’s HR department was especially prepared. Our mindset was ‘how can we use […]

Increase Your Velocity

Step 3 (of 3) in the HOST Model is to Increase Your Velocity Building the team is not the end of the road. Shipping the first line of code is great, but we both know that software is never “done”. There are always new things to build, new technology to learn and hurdles to overcome. […]

Assemble Your Development Team

Step 2 (of 3) in the HOST Model is to Assemble Your Development Team You have standards for your developers, it’s not enough to write code, you need to fit technically and culturally at your company. There are many things that don’t always fit nicely in the job description that you need in your team. […]

Understand Your Uniqueness

Step 1 (of 3) in the HOST Model is to Understand Your Uniqueness Your product is unique. It’s complex and has evolved over several years and has gone through many iterations of technology. Oh, and it probably ties into numerous other systems (internal and external). That’s why we take time to understand it and we […]

The HOST Model

Are you tired of inconsistencies when it comes to software development?  If you’re like most CEO/CIOs today, you’re faced with the challenge to ship on time and deliver for your clients while spending significant time recruiting*. Without a reliable team of developers, it’s hard to ship consistently.  Developers coming and going often is the main […]