Our Process

The HOST Model

Hosted Offshore Software Teams
We're an extension of your team.


Step one is to understand your technology, your process, and your current team. Your company and product are unique. Our goal is to ensure we are coming alongside your in-house team in the most efficient way.

Purpose Driven

Dev Team

Step two is to hire and equip a team specifically for you and dedicated only to you. We handle all the recruiting and they work from our offices full time. It's your development team, hosted by us.

People Centric


Step three is that you see your velocity increase consistently. Our high retention rate and community of great developers are put to work for you. We handle any training or any assistance your team needs, which ensures long-term team success.

Think Long Term

Powered by ECGroup Core Values


A company culture of values

Your most valuable asset is your people. By creating a positive atmosphere and collective vision, we’ve built a culture that ensures your team will thrive both technically and personally. This boosts morale and retention. People are important to us, which is why valuing your developers and loving the community is where our heart lies.

We facilitate a family-like work community by organizing company and family outings, and encouraging a relaxed and open environment during the work day. Unlike most Indian Companies, we have a flat organization structure, where developers have direct access to management staff. By investing in our people and their families, we build a strong work community that people want to be a part of for a long time.

Our focus from our founding has been to run a business that creates an impact for good in people’s lives. We have partnered with multiple organizations that passionately serve the disabled and underprivileged. Spending time and energy in these communities has had an enormous impact on the morale and lives of those who are disabled, as well as our team. We will continue to serve, hoping to leave a lasting legacy of positive change.


Through your continuing working relationship

Communication is core to quality development. We have a strong team of communicators that help facilitate the working relationship between you and your developers. You have direct access to your team, but cross cultural communication can sometimes be tricky. We’re here to guide you through the process.

Our teams take great pride in working directly with our clients rather than through layers of Indian management. They recognize the trust we put in them to represent our company, and they take that responsibility seriously.

These are some steps we take to ensure our clients’ development capacity grows through their continuing working relationship with their teams:

  • Your team is made up of real people, whether in the U.S. or India. That is why we encourage our clients to communicate everyday with their developers–even if some days it can only be as brief as a ten minute chat.
  • Our teams work staggered hours to make sure that you get at least 3-4 hours of overlap of work time with them.
  • Everyone uses Google Hangouts, Skype, or other chat tools all throughout their work time.
  • Daily status reports are sent by developers to their client managers by the end of each workday.
  • All our code remains within client custody, either because it’s housed on their development environment, or because our developers check in their code multiple times a day.
  • We strongly encourage our clients to come and visit. It’s a great opportunity to connect with your team on a more personal level, which benefits your relationship. On top of that, it’s an adventure.