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Six Reasons to Work At EC Group: Datasoft

We value you as a person

You won’t be just one in a number. We are small, but also professional, structured, and progressive.

We invest in you

We challenge you in the latest technologies, but also provide training so that you have opportunities to learn and innovate.

We trust you

You will work directly with our U.S. clients with no intermediate layers of management. Your local Team Leader is only a facilitator and mentor.

We are a work family

We organize fun office and family activities throughout the year, which help keep you relaxed and enjoying the work community.

We care about our office culture

Ours is an easy, relaxed, and open office. You can talk to anyone anytime—even the COO.

We care about the greater community

We are deeply aware of our social commitments and offer plenty of opportunity for you to volunteer your time to help the underprivileged of society.

Our Heartbeat Is The Core Of Our Business

A business should exist to do more than create profit. A business should be a community—one body made up of many, with one shared passion.

One heartbeat.

As an EC Group family, our passion reaches beyond ourselves to those in the broader community who need help most—the mentally challenged, the physically challenged, and those without a leg to stand on. We hope to create positive change in these lives as we continue to invest in them with our time, energy, and love.


Our Heartbeat


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