Understand Your Uniqueness

Step 1 (of 3) in the HOST Model is to Understand Your Uniqueness

Your product is unique. It’s complex and has evolved over several years and has gone through many iterations of technology. Oh, and it probably ties into numerous other systems (internal and external). That’s why we take time to understand it and we don’t just throw bodies at the problem.

We understand your tech stack and where you are going. From there, we help craft a strategy for what a team would look like and how they would integrate with your in-house team. After all, everyone needs to work together toward a common goal. This step typically involves our VP of Technology and VP of HR and usually takes two Zoom calls of about an hour each.

Once we have an initial grasp of your product, where you want it to go, and the capability of your in-house team we get going. We craft a strategy (with your input) and begin building the team.

You know the value of having the right team*. Having a rogue hot-shot developer might help you push more code for a short time, but more than likely they will cause lasting negative effects. 

Step Two – Assemble Your Development Team

*Bad Hires Cost 30% of Their Salary

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