Are you tired of inconsistencies when it comes to software development? 

If you’re like most CEO/CIOs today, you’re faced with the challenge to ship on time and deliver for your clients while spending significant time recruiting*. Without a reliable team of developers, it’s hard to ship consistently. 

Developers coming and going often is the main source of inconsistency. Velocity and quality go down drastically if the team is a revolving door.

What if you could have a team of developers hired specifically for you, that stick around long term, at ~60% of the cost of hiring in-house? 

What would that mean for your business? 

What would that do to the morale of your in-house team?

What would your output be like if you weren’t thinking about hiring and retention all the time?

If this sounds familiar, our model may be a fit for you. 

We have been building development teams for 20 years. We’ve been doing so with a 95% employee retention rate and clients are with us on average for 5 years.

In the next 3 posts, I’ll tell you just how we go about building long-term dedicated software teams using our HOST** Model.

Step One – Understand Your Uniqueness (link)

*LinkedIn 2018 Data on Turnover

**HOST = Hosted Offshore Software Teams

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