Assemble Your Development Team

Step 2 (of 3) in the HOST Model is to Assemble Your Development Team

You have standards for your developers, it’s not enough to write code, you need to fit technically and culturally at your company. There are many things that don’t always fit nicely in the job description that you need in your team.

We take what we have learned about your company (Step 1), your product and your future plans, and start recruiting. Our team does all the scouting and screening, and then present you with well-vetted finalists to interview. This saves you a massive amount of time and still gives you the final say for every hire. We often incorporate custom steps you would typically take for in-house hires like questions or coding challenges. We’re an extension of your team.

Finding any developer isn’t that hard. Finding the right developers (qualified, and will stick around long-term) is the challenge*. That is why for over 20 years we have built up a world-class HR team** to assemble the best development teams and work daily to ensure they stick around for the long term.

Success starts with finding the right members of the team, but it doesn’t stop there. Ensuring long-term retention and engagement is the next most important step to ensure your development velocity stays high. 

Step Three – Increase Velocity

*Useful Benchmarks for Hiring Tech Roles 

**Our VP of HR has won numerous international awards

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