Increase Your Velocity

Step 3 (of 3) in the HOST Model is to Increase Your Velocity

Building the team is not the end of the road. Shipping the first line of code is great, but we both know that software is never “done”. There are always new things to build, new technology to learn and hurdles to overcome.

That’s why we are always with you to ensure that things get better with time. A big part of that is ensuring the team is happy, engaged and sticks around for the long term. Another part of that is helping them stay on top of new technology and changes to the product. We help you with any training that is needed or certifications that the team needs. Our HR team puts together training that is based on the needs of our clients and each developer is required to attend some of these throughout the year.

Many times the needs of your team are unseen at the start but we are there when they arise. What you’re really getting is an extension of an entire HR department. Getting that off your plate so you can focus on your product and growing your business. We work hard to ensure that you’re expanding the speed in which you deliver to your customers through an extension of your development team.

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