The pandemic changed everything in the job market. Unemployment soared, hiring froze, the fear of job loss occurred for many. Then at the start of 2021 it reversed. The economy was on the rebound, and the job market was white hot. All of the sudden, we were worried that we would not be able to find good software talent. 

The things we did in the past when hiring we simply could not do anymore. Things like requiring the candidate to come into our office to interview, and meet other staff members. When we did this, we were able to verify and get to know who they were and they were able to see how our company operates and what makes us a unique organization to work with. 

Instead, we have been doing a lot more Zoom, as everyone has, but also visiting candidates in person. That is something our competition was not doing. We’ve also been including our senior leadership in the interview process more often, again, via Zoom. This helps lend greater transparency to our organization and live out our core value of “We are People Centric”.

We are also following a stricter hiring process now, including asking certain questions that we might have gotten from nonverbal cues before. We have made a list of all of these questions as well as some of the non-negotiables that we have made as an organization that we believe fit in our core values. Hiring by our Core Values that we recently codified thanks to EOS has been a large part of the process.

Finally, if we don’t hire someone we have interviewed, we will send them a thank you letter and gift. We started doing this because, while they were good, it isn’t the right time for them yet, or there will be a better client fit down the road. We find that acknowledging who the person is and thanking them for their time is big, and will actually allow us to find better talent in the future, and keep them on our list when the time comes.

What things are you doing to adapt your hiring process to the current environment?

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