Why you Must Make Sure your Offshore Vendor has Employee Training

The seventh in our series about evaluating an offshore vendor. Make sure your vendor has ongoing training opportunities. For more information about employee training, check out the links below. [Video Transcription]

Staying up on the latest technology trends is a must for any development team. But how do you make sure that your team is keeping up pace? What you really want to build is a culture of learning that’s an ongoing process. When you’re talking with an offshore dev team, you want to make sure that the vendor is doing all that they can to make sure that team is staying up on the level that your in-house team is. We’ve found success with doing things like making sure the developers have access to any training materials that they might need, Sending them to conferences maybe locally or even nationally that they might need to go to, and making sure that teams are collaborating to share what they’re learning in different technologies. Betting that level of overlap is huge when you talk about really advancing the whole collective knowledge of the team and making sure that everyone is staying up on different changes. So ask the question of your dev team next to what they’re doing to achieve this culture of learning. 

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