Have you Written Off Offshoring? Learn what Changed a CIO’s Mind

Over the Top Marketing was kind enough to sit down on camera to talk about how EC Group’s offshoring model helps them do business. While most marketing companies provide either services or software, OTT provides both. This means that their team is highly tasked, dedicated, and invested in each client. CEO Chad Meisinger feels passionately about providing top technologies and strategies to small business for a cost they can afford. OTT needed another way to leverage their team economically, but with high value. Watch this video to learn about how EC Group changed the CIO’s mind about offshore. 

Video Transcript:

I really believe that the heartbeat of America is small to medium sized businesses, and it’s been a travesty that most of them can’t a ford some of the top technologies and strategies that are out there.

The problem that we’re trying to solve for our clients is just cost effective customer acquisition. We were now looking for another way to leverage our team in the most economical way, but with high value.

The EC Group is able to help us—help me in particular achieve my goals, which translates into the goal for the entire organization—largely by turning around a good quality product. Our experience in the past with working with other offshore staffing options was not as terribly successful, frankly the last group we worked with was such a failure that I had all but written off offshore work entirely. 

The first thing they do is just set it up properly. They want to understand what it is that we’re trying to accomplish so that when they go out there with the HR department, write up the job description and start interviewing, they’re hiring for the best person…the best fit.

The team has been fantastic in terms of getting stuff done right, getting it done quickly, getting it done correctly, and communicating when they have questions.

First of all they have two parts of their organization: they have the US side were we initially started to interact with, and then they’ve got a full time management staff on the India side that is providing everything from HR, training. So while they’re officially their employees, our staff that we outsource over there work with us like they’re part of our team, like they’re part of our staff. And so we’re able to kind of bring them into our culture a little bit and let them part of an extended part of our team. But once they bring them in they’re looking at it long term, it’s not like a boiler room type situation. 

I believe our future is just to continue doing what we’re doing at a pace that makes sense, that we’re not compromising our quality, and continue to help empower small business to get bigger. 

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