7 Reasons Why Your Company Should Have Been Training its Employees by Now

Did you ever think that your employees may be getting worse as they have more experience in your organization? In today’s society, the value of shared information is exponentially increasing, as new avenues and pathways have opened up a myriad of perspectives on every subject imaginable. However, there are still some companies that have not taken advantage of these opportunities within their organization, and unfortunately, these companies are losing workers and falling behind the curve. For an organization to effectively build a team of knowledgeable and dynamic individuals, they must train and develop their employees, simple as that.

One of the biggest tensions that a company faces when determining if and how they should train their employees is the return on investment. Admittedly, there is no easy way to track whether the development sessions are providing value for both your employees and for your company. However, there are many indirect costs that ultimately will benefit your organization and will create both employee and company growth. Here are 7 reasons why you should be providing your employees with the training and development that they need:

1. Training is cheaper than ever

In business, training sessions no longer have to involve overhead projectors or three day training sessions in Gary, Indiana. Now, a good Youtube channel or a subscription to a quality tutorial website like Lynda.com are all you need for employees to learn key knowledge that is useful for their field. Today, anything that you want to learn about can be found on the internet. Take advantage of this, and allow your employees to have time to explore and discover!

2. The Best Companies to Work For develop their employees

According to the website Great Places to Work, the 100 Best Companies to Work For give their employees an average of 66.5 hours of training per year. That’s more than one and a half regular work weeks! Additionally, 40% of those hours are devoted to an employee’s growth outside of their current position. Employees feel loved when they receive training, and will appreciate your company even more if they get a chance to grow.

3. Training your employees keeps them sharp in their current position

While some companies may possess a mindset that training only happens when you want to equip a new hire or an employee that’s moving up in the company, training is just as valuable for your current employees. Technology and methods for performing standard business processes are shifting all the time, and you need to keep your employees on top of these in order to stay relevant. Give them the ability to learn and stay ahead of the game.

4. Training keeps your employees engaged in their current and future work

Training your current employees also keeps them from burning out in their usual routines. There is nothing that an employee hates more than feeling like their work is stagnant and getting them nowhere. Training can give your employees new angles to explore and things to try in their current position. It can also excite them about things they may begin to do in the future, as they see what they may be able to do in the future. Training enables your employees to prepare for when that move takes place.

5. Training makes your employee feel valued

When an employee is given the opportunity to engage in training, it shows that their organization cares about them. They’ve been given an opportunity to improve at what they do, to become better. This shows that their company wants to see them grow to their highest potential, and it gives them a sense of belonging to their company, which can also improve retention. Build a business that stands together as a whole rather than as a collection of different-minded individuals.

6. You are developing clients that are already fully immersed in your culture

When a new employee comes aboard, the “moving-in” effect may take a while. It could be a few months before this employee really feels comfortable at your organization and understands who they are and who you are in the process. If you choose to train your own employees, when the time comes to promote one of these talented individuals, they already understand your culture completely, and can continue to work towards your organizational goals and mission without undergoing the “moving-in” process.

7. It’s cheaper to develop talent in-house

Training not only benefits the employee, but the employer as well. When a high-level position opens, it is much easier for a company to look in-house for a ready and willing candidate than to delve into the process of beginning a hiring process. Your best employees are waiting to show you what they can do on the next level, and will be very appreciative for the opportunity set before them.

Hopefully a few of these reasons may have convinced you that training is a profitable decision for your organization. The potential is there, but it needs to be harnessed before your employees can take a leap forward. Show your employees that you care about them, and reap the rewards of their enhanced knowledge and perspective!




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