Why a Vendor’s HR Department is so Important

The sixth in our series about evaluating an offshore vendor. Make sure you understand the value of a human resources department.
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An HR department is probably the last thing you’re thinking about when talking with an offshore vendor, after all, that’s why you’re talking with them—because you want them to build the team for you. But in reality that HR department that’s the core of that vendor. It’s the HR department that’s going to determine if your team is around for the long term. A good hr department is going to ensure that the team is sticking around, is up to date with the latest technology, and is happy and ultimately productive for you. So when you’re talking with the vendor, make sure to ask them specifically what they’re doing in terms of activity, training, and employee engagement to make sure that the team is not only happy, but productive and sticks around for the long term. 

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