3 Tactics to Better Engage your Employees

In today’s world of ever shrinking career lengths and everyone becoming a part-timer with various “gigs” on the side, its more important than ever to keep your employees engaged and excited about their role. The data has definitely shown an increase in desire for employees to make an “impact” through their vocation. While its easy for non-profit organizations or cause companies to offer this feeling, its more difficult for the majority of companies to tap into this heartfelt need. Here are a few things we have learned that you can do while still making time to do the things that actually drive the business forward.

1. Take genuine interest and listen

Talking and having genuine interest in your employees it huge. Being newly married I am slowly learning that listening is more important than fixing when it comes to my wife (although I regularly revert back to “fix it” mode). A hilarious video about this surfaced recently and it could not be more accurate. Listening and hearing what they care about and how their work is going is vastly beneficial. We all love to share things that we care about and talk about our lives, your employees are no different. Simply hearing our employees talk has led to our company to get involved in several outreach efforts that we do as a company.

2. Acknowledge and praise

Being in the software space we have several teams that work in 2 week “sprint” cycles; each cycle has clear objectives and deliverables. This provides a great opportunity to see the progress of a team and give acknowledgment and praise for work completed. A simple act of calling out work that was done and saying either a simple “thank you” or a “good job” can have an enormous positive impact on a team. If you don’t work in sprint cycles, picking a short period with defined goals would be a good way to start. Make a habit to offer feedback to your team on a regular basis.

3. Provide an outlet for them to serve

Your core business might not be outreach or service in focus but that does not mean you cannot provide a means for your employees to have an impact. One simple way is to talk to your employees to find out what they are passionate about and get behind that cause. Set a small budget or even pick one day every month or so to take the team to volunteer. Service together is one of the things we have found to quickly bond a team together. It gets you out of the office and builds the relationship with your team on a whole new level.

What ways have you found to boost your team engagement and bonding? Leave a comment below or drop us a line at office[at]ecgroup-intl.com


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