How to get your Team out of the Office

Lately we’ve been talking about why it’s important to get your team out of the office.

There’s an old piece of advice that people give to someone contemplating getting married—they say take a trip with that person. If you go and you spend seven days on a road trip with them and you come back and you still want to get married, then that’s probably the person for you. That’s a piece of advice we can apply to teams, too. Get your team outside of the norm. Experience new things, get out of your comfort zone, and then you get to really see how they are but also build a unique relationship. It’s really powerful because not only do you get to talk to your team about things that they care about and see them actually in a different light than just the normal humdrum day of work, but you actually increase communication because you learn more about that person and more of the uniqueness and personality traits, so you really understand how to communicate with each individual. It doesn’t have to be anything elaborate, it could be as simple as just going out to lunch with them without an agenda, without it being a planning meeting, but just to kind of get a sense of the other side of what your team cares about and how they talk, how they interact. You’re only best able to communicate with someone when you actually understand them and understand how they’re going to hear you. If it’s one thing that’s the most important thing about teams, it’s communication. Communication is how things get done, and a team that can communicate can achieve exponentially more than a team that is struggling with communication

To get you started on the right foot, here are some links to lists of ideas that can get your team out of the office.


The main way we get out of the office together at our company is by doing service projects together. Here’s some ideas we developed for small companies who want to serve their communities, but don’t have the same resources as larger companies. Small companies can still make a big impact in their communities, and shouldn’t be afraid to get started with these kinds of projects. 

Team Building

U.S. News put together a general list of co-worker outing ideas to get you started. Maybe one of their suggestions will spark an idea. 

Extreme Activities has amazing resources for crazy activities to do with your team. Crazy as in boat building, catapults, corporate survivor, etc. If you want to go all out with your activities, check out this list to get you started. 

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