Bike Drive for the Gypsies

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A pattern of no education contributes to a cycle of stagnation from generation to generation. When given the opportunity to learn, people have the agency to make decisions for themselves—decisions which often result in progress.Over money, over shelter, over medical care, education is perhaps the most empowering thing a person can have. Unfortunately for our village friends, the closest school is nearly four miles away. Children of all ages walk this distance daily. They must face the challenge of hiking through heat and downpours, and afterward must still posses the energy to learn. Because of this difficulty many children drop...
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good leader

Are You a Good Leader According to This TED Talk?

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The poet Stephen Crane once wrote: A man said the the universe “Sir, I exist!” “However,” replied the universe, “The fact has not created in me A sense of obligation.” So much of life—especially as an employee—is spent wishing for someone in authority over you not only to acknowledge that “I exist!” but also to feel obligated to you—to value you. Research shows that 70 percent of employees are disengaged at work. Disengagement results from unhappiness; unhappiness festers when bosses don’t meet employee needs—or, when bosses feel no sense of obligation. Some bosses remain skeptical that they have any obligation to…

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Happy Independence Day!

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The 15th of August marked the anniversary of India’s 69th year of independence from the British. We held our celebration the day before (Friday), when everyone was in the office. In addition to the typical speeches and flag raising, we also did some community outreach and even had an "independence day slogan” competition.  Our Slogan champion was Ms. Kavitha Rose. Her slogan: Better me, better we, better India! True to the spirit of Kavitha’s slogan, leading up to our Independence Day celebration the office organized some “Go Green” initiatives. For the first activity, all employees with a two or four-wheeler vehicle over...
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employee happiness

What is the Essential Ingredient for Employee Happiness?

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A couple weeks ago, Seth Godin wrote a blog post about empathy. (If you don’t subscribe to Godin’s blog, you should. His posts are brief, insightful, and one of the best things I find in my inbox every day.) Since the post is so short, I figured I’d just paste it right here for you: “Empathy Empathy doesn’t involve feeling sorry for someone. It is our honest answer to the question, ‘why did they do what they did?’ The useful answer is rarely, ‘because they’re stupid.’ Or even, ‘because they’re evil.’ In fact, most of the time, people with similar…

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retaining employees

Tips for Retaining Employees: Infographic

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corporate social responsibility

Big Corporate Social Responsiblity for Small Business

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People often stereotype corporate social responsibility initiatives as being only for large companies, which often causes small business owners to think that CSR is not for them. I’m here to tell you that that doesn’t have to be the case. To prove my point, I’ve identified key initiatives by large corporations and listed out ideas for how small business can get involved in similar ways. Without further adieu, here are my three corporate social responsbility “hacks” for small businesses. Google: Disaster Relief Google supports a great number of social initiatives, but one issue that it’s integrated particularly well with its…

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corporate social responsibility

How to Stand out When Corporate Social Responsibility is the New Normal

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“To serve is beautiful, but only if it is done with joy and a whole heart and a free mind.” -Pearl S. Buck Why is everyone so obsessed with CSR? Over the past five years, there has been a significant increase in corporations participating and forming corporate social responsibility programs. Did everyone suddenly become better people? Should someone welcome us all to the new age of enlightenment?  I don’t think it’s that simple. Many folks will give you theories on why there’s been such an increase in companies participating in corporate responsibility, but one argument remains the strongest of all: the…

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offshore outsourcing

The Offshore Outsourcing Series: Questions Answered

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Intro to Series: Historically, many U.S. companies have viewed offshore outsourcing as affordable, but not reliable. In an effort to improve reliability, this four-part series overviews different factors, challenges, tools, and processes that are all involved in offshoring—all from the perspective of both the client and the offshore service provider. We hope this series alleviates the mystery that some feel about offshore, and provides an alternative way of thinking for those who may have tried it and had a bad experience. These solutions are based upon my experience at EC Group and previous engagements. Part 1: Factors that Affect Offshore…

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corporate social responsilibty

5 Steps to Maximize your Company’s Corporate Social Impact

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These days, it’s highly understood that doing good is good for business. Many businesses engage in corporate social responsibility programs for different reasons, but whatever the motivations may be, statistics have proven CSR to be a good choice.  The CECP’s Giving in Numbers survey found the following to be true of socially responsible companies: Among companies giving at least 10% more since 2010, median revenues increased by 11% while revenues fell 3% for all other companies. Employees are the most important stakeholder influencing decisions to expand community investments. The percentage of companies offering paid time off for volunteering increased from 51% of…

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