Examining your Offshore Vendor’s Working Conditions

Workplace culture determines the quality of your team’s work, and the retention of your employees. Watch the video above to learn about how to evaluate an offshore vendor and their workplace environment. Check out these links to read more about how we craft a workplace culture that leads to long term retention. Retaining Employees: Infographic What is the Essential Ingredient for Employee Happiness? How to Retain Remote Employees 3 Tactics to Better Engage your Employees How we Build Employee Retention Video transcript:

the workplace environment of your offshore team affects the two most important elements of that team: the quality of the work they produce, and the longterm retention of that team. You need to seek a vendor that’s actually giving you transparency into what they’re actually doing to build a positive workplace environment that’s going to keep the employees engaged, and happy, and comfortable. Because at the end of the day, the workplace culture flows into the final work product. And you wouldn’t want to produce a negative workplace culture for your in-house team. In the same way you need to pay attention to what your offshore vendor is doing to build a positive workplace culture to make sure your team is producing good work and sticking around for the long term. 

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