Why Productivity Measurements Matter with Offshore

Productivity measurement is an essential process for any team. Check out the video to learn what you need to know when it comes to productivity and offshore, or check out some related articles.
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[Video Transcript] 

Each development team measures productivity slightly differently. Maybe you’re strictly agile and you’re measuring sprint velocity very closely, or maybe you’re just using a simple project management tool and just measuring tasks. It’s inessential that whatever you use, you do it the same across teams. It’s no different when you talk to an offshore vendor, that you are able to use that same system across that team. You should’t have to make a concession for the vendor and fit into their model of measuring that productivity. After all, its your code, your product, and your team. You should be able to measure the productivity and make sure that you’re getting the most out of that team, and really making sure that that team is preforming to the same level as your in-house team or your contractors. 

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