Why Control Matters for Offshore Teams

Development teams that choose to be involved with offshore partners often don’t think Agile is an option, but CIO writes that Agile can work for a distributed team, as long as you pick the right offshore partner. We agree, check out our video series for our ten tips for evaluating if an offshore vendor is right for you. This week’s installment: making sure you have control.

Video Transcription:

Proper control over your offshore team is absolutely vital. Make sure that you control all of the code that they’re developing, not just the final product. Do you have control over the way that they’re developing, the QA processes that are in place, maybe even the tools that they’re using? This level of control is not always offered, but it’s absolutely vital because it rolls them into your in-house team, and doesn’t just ostracize them as the offshore team in kind of this black box of development. At the end of the day, it’s your product, it’s your company, it’s your team, why shouldn’t you have control?

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