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This Guy Wants Girls to Skip College and Go Straight into Tech Jobs

As you could have guessed, IT is a highly male-dominated industry as men have seemed to gravitate more towards tech jobs than women have. However, these numbers are slowly beginning to change, and one company wants to keep them changing. Treehouse, an online coding school, is partnering with a couple different companies to allow girls in middle school and high school the chance to learn how to code for free in the hopes of allowing them to find jobs right away. By doing this, the girls may bypass college and student loans all together, and could head straight into the coding world. Some might think that this would hinder their job opportunities; however, IT remains one of the larger fields in which a degree is not always necessary, as long as the experience is present. Treehouse is spearheading this movement under their new “Change the ratio” program, in which they hope to equalize the amount of men and women in these positions.

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The Tech Company With the Radical Idea that Having a Baby Shouldn’t Derail Your Career

One of the biggest issues that women face in the workplace is the question of whether to focus on a career or focus on having a family. Many times, the lack of women in higher-level positions within businesses has to do with their choice of stepping back and raising children while men continue on at workplaces while still having families. However, some companies are looking to help women manage both their careers and their families. A recent article in Fast Company profiles a tech company called Palo Alto Software, where employees are allowed to bring their kids into work with them if necessary. The children have to work quietly with their parents, but can use a spare laptop or tablet, and can participate in programs at the health center that is associated with Palo Alto. In addition, the company allows for a flexible work and location schedule. By doing this, the company has seen low turnover rates and a male to female employee ratio of only 3 to 1, as opposed to the Silicon Valley average of more than 12 to 1.

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5 Women in Tech Share the Best and Worst Advice They Ever Received

As more and more women enter the tech workspace, there are many that are always willing to give advice to these new female employees. But, how can you separate the good advice from the bad advice? In a recent article, a number of high-ranking female tech employees shared some of the best and worst advice that they have received in an effort to give new female developers a guide for separating the helpful voices from the harmful ones. Some good pieces of advice that they heard included holding themselves to high standards, so that they would make a good impression and set themselves up for success. Additionally, they learned not to listen to the inner voices that said that they were not good enough, and to remember why they got into the industry in the first place. The article also pointed out bad pieces of advice, such as keeping quiet to avoid unnecessary attention, and waiting around for their moment instead of being proactive and taking chances.

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