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Think You’re Being Socially Responsible? Think again

While companies are  buying into Corporate Social Responsibility, many do not have positive motives. Because they feel that they have earned up enough “moral credits” with their social responsibility, many businesses do not behave morally in other areas. A moral credit system is the wrong way to approach CSR. In this article, Andrew Higashi outlines ways in which companies can encourage their employees to participate in CSR while promoting honesty and morality in their business efforts. This includes making social responsibility a community effort rather than just finding it in a single department. Companies that choose to focus organization-wide will see a greater commitment to CSR than having it sprout up in random places throughout the business. Higashi also suggests developing a team-based rewards system if employees need more encouragement to participate.

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Why CSR? The Benefits of Corporate Social Responsibility Will Move You to Act

Devin Thorpe interviews executives from a number of different companies throughout the country to understand why they chose to invest in CSR and how it is benefiting their company. Overall, 51 out of 59 executives believe that they’ve gained happier employees, and 45 out of 59 executives feel that they have nurtured better employees. Thorpe also interviews a number of executives who believe that their social responsibility has developed stronger and more profitable interactions with their clients. John Taft, CEO of RBC Wealth Management USA, states that clients were invited to partner with their company by participating with them in RBC sponsored events with non-profits. Garratt Hasenstab, Director of Sustainability at the Verdigris Group, shares that their company was fortunate enough to work with other companies focused on social responsibility, and that those companies appreciate working with a group that was focused on “people, planet, (and) profit.”

Excerpts from Thorpe’s other interviews in this project are found in this article:


How to Make Smart Social Investments that Pay Off

Just because a company is investing in Corporate Social Responsibility does not mean that they are investing correctly. In this article on, Michael Fertik explores the ways to correctly promote CSR, and gives examples of companies that are doing just that. He breaks the myth that only large companies can participate in CSR by showing small companies that are taking big steps in order to be socially responsible. He also comments that it is important to invest in the right things, rather than just throwing money at CSR causes, because investing in the proper areas can lead to sustainability and big imrovements.

Fertik’s full article can be found in this link:

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