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Can Nadella remake Microsoft under his new manifesto?

Recently, Satya Nadella posted a memo to the entire staff of Microsoft in which he laid out the mission for the company in the years ahead. As Microsoft changes ownership and changes their operations, they have to reinvent themselves in some respects to keep up with the changing times. This was a similar crossroads that Carly Fioriny faced when she took over as the head of Hewlett-Packard in 1999. In a speech Fioriny gave that year, she outlined HP’s Rules of the Garage, a list of ways in which employees would foster creativity, drive, and a positive working environment. This list attempted to bring back the energy and innovation of the early days when Bill Hewlett and David Packard created the empire out of a small garage. Microsoft will need some of that energy to succeed; they must embrace change and become a dynamic, collaborative workforce that seeks to break into emerging territories in order to remain relevant.

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10 Things only Exceptional Bosses Give Employees?

We all know what it takes to make a terrible boss, but what does it take to make a really exceptional boss? This is the theme that Jeff Haden explores as he seeks to nail down the 10 things that these fantastic bosses give to their employees. He explores themes such as giving your employees clear expectations on what is to be done so that the worker does not get confused. He also mentions giving your employees a real sense of purpose within the organization, so that they can see that their work is moving towards a bigger picture. Great bosses also have a connection to their employees, and care about what is going on in their personal lives, so that the employees feel a sense of belonging in the organization.

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How to Fix Your Lame Company Culture

Is your corporate culture something that takes the wind out of your employee’s sails? Mark Lukens explores some of the reasons why your culture may not be working, and how you can change that where you work. One of Lukens’ biggest claims in this article is that company culture cannot be dictated from on high but must be created throughout the entire company. The employees who work in your company create the culture, and when their input is factored into determining the overall company culture, there will be a stronger sense of loyalty towards their business. Other ways to fix your company’s culture include making sure it pervades throughout all of your company’s activities, doing things deliberately so that your company culture is consistent, and making sure that the company culture is core to your business.

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