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The Perks of working at Google, Facebook, Twitter and More

It must be good to work at the top. This infographic shows you some of the perks of working at large tech companies such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Google. Ever wanted your own running trail? LinkedIn and Google have them. Ever wanted to use your company’s rock climbing wall? You can do that at Google and Twitter. This infographic explores the food options at these various companies as well, which include top-level chefs and stocked kitchens for snacking throughout the day. Paid-time off is also another one of the topic explored, as well as the paternity and maternity leaves that employees get at these companies as well as the rest of their medical and retirement benefits.

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The Search For Happiness…at Work

Naomi Simson says that the key to improved productive employees at work is happiness. Happy employees are engaged in the work that they are doing and want to contribute more to the company. But how can employees be happy, and more importantly, how can you help others to be happy while they are at work? Simson encourages readers to make recognition a key part of their company’s culture, because recognition for an employee’s work causes the employee to feel both happy and validated, which will encourage them to keep working hard for your company. Even if you are not personally being recognized, you should start recognizing others and see the difference that it makes in your company.

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Create a Vocabulary that Inspires Employee Engagement

While employee engagement is a topic that is becoming more en vogue as of late, some companies are struggling to determine how to do it or how to engage employees in a way that they actually appreciate and see as valid from their management. Employees want to be engaged with their company but do not want to feel as if it is an arbitrary act that companies do because they have to do it. One of the more powerful examples of employee engagement that Meghan Biro found when researching this topic was from Indra Noori, CEO of PepsiCo., who writes letters to the parents of her direct reports and lets them know how much she values their work and service at Pepsi. Inspired by this and other reports, Biro creates a set of “key vocabulary terms” that employees need to use when working with each other to encourage engagement. Using words such as please and thank you in your dealings with others can mean the world to them, and may instill a sense of belonging towards your company, which would increase retention for years to come.

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