Every summer when Indian people take their vacations, a crisis arises. As you might know, India faces a terrible blood shortage—but this shortage worsens in the summer time. Regular blood donors take their vacation right when children come for surgeries in large numbers, creating a supply/demand gap which can cause lives to be lost. 

To bridge the gap between supply and demand, EC Group, in partnership with Cross Blood Foundation and Government Children Hospital for Leukemia, conducted its 4th Annual Blood donation camp. Our office basement turned into a medical center, and we were invaded by doctors, nurses, and para-medicals with their blood donation gear. “Hats off to Chennaites, who responded to our call for blood in great numbers. We had huge crowd surging our office during lunch hour—it looked like a stampede situation in the basement,” says Senior VP Arun Isaac.

“I wanted to donate blood because there are cases where children die because of lack of availability…by donating my blood, I thought I could save a child,” shares HR exec. Anitha Balan—and many others were compelled to donate for the same reason. We registered 108 Donors, which is the most among all four camps we have previously conducted. We were very honored to receive a special award from the governor of Tamil Nadu, which recognized our efforts in collecting blood and raising awareness of the issue. 

We were glad to be able to raise awareness of this problem and work to mend it. The millions of blood units that are needed could be had if just an additional 2% of Indians donated each year. In advertising our camp, we were able to spread the word about the need for blood over social media, to our friends, door-to-door, and during Sunday church services. We know there’s a lot more work to be done to mend the gap between supply and demand, but we’re glad we could contribute a few more drops to the bucket.

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