Road Safety & First Aid Seminar

Every 4 minutes, one death is reported on the streets of India. India holds the highest number of deaths due to road accidents. Tamil Nadu (the state our office is located in) tops the list with 16,175 deaths in 67,757 accidents. The crucial time between the accident and getting the victim medical attention can often be the difference between life and death. Unfortunately not many are aware of this. Prevention is better than cure.

EC Group employees commute to office by either in their own vehicle or through Public transport–but whichever mode of transportation employees take, they are prone to accidents. We felt it was very important for the company to impact knowledge on Road Safety and First Aid to the employees so that they can help themselves in the case of emergency and help others also who are in the same position.

In an effort to keep our employees safe, we asked Mr. Dinesh of St. John Ambulance Association to come and speak with us about road safety and first aid. The response from the employees was overwhelmingly positive. The seminar was only supposed to last an hour, but we had to extend it for another hour because everyone was so engaged with the material.

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