Ripples into a Community

“I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.”
― Mother Teresa

Two years ago our Chennai office cast a stone, one that sought to address a basic need in the community, a need for blood donation. The first blood donation camp was kicked off by a small group of EC Group developers and staff, today the blood donation camp averages 90 people. That small initiative has sent a ripple into the community and has built a bond that otherwise would have been impossible. It was a spark to a solution that will require an ongoing effort. It has now taken hold and become something that the community has gotten behind to address this deep need of their neighbors and fellow Indians. It is truly exciting to see the momentum and see the excitement of the team that is helping out, a true testament to what can happen when a few choose to act!

Our team has very gladly donated their off hours time to help with the task at hand. The ripples surely will continue in the community as well as the teams that have helped out. A true win-win!

What initiatives can you empower your team to get behind and start some ripples of your own?

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