ParishSOFT And EC Group​

A Case Study:
Problem – Plan – Results

ParishSOFT provides a suite of church management software to over 8,500 parishes and 84 arch/diocesan. Their products designed for church administration allow churches and church-related organizations to manage ministries, members, and finances all in one place. By making administrative work more efficient, ParishSOFT’s users have more time to focus on ministry rather than administrative busywork.

The Problem:

In 2008, acting on their users’ needs, ParishSOFT began its push to convert primary applications from desktop to the web. To make this change while keeping up with day-to-day maintenance they needed to add members to the team. However, a limited budget and a small talent pool in southeast Michigan made it nearly impossible for ParishSOFT to find the right people for the job.
“One of the challenges we faced was that we were not able to quickly find, or efficiently find, talent right here in southeastern Michigan to help us with the technical requirements that we had…EC Group was able to help us by bringing us quality candidates right off the bat.”
–Ted Zettel, Director of Product Development

The Plan:

In 2010 EC Group came alongside ParishSOFT to build them a team of qualified, offshore developers who could work directly with their core team. Not only did the new offshore developers fit the technical requirements, they also shared ParishSOFT’s values and their dedication to the project.
ParishSOFT initially hired three developers through EC Group. Over five years, that team doubled to six people: three testers and three back-end developers. ParishSOFT oversees the offshore team in an integrated fashion with their in-house developers, maintaining control over their team and development. EC Group continues hosting the offshore team and seeing to ongoing HR management. EC Group also provides training for the offshore team based on ParishSOFT’s needs.

The Results:

ParishSOFT has grown their business, and increased their team velocity to release more frequently and consistently. Check out their product here.
“Our EC Group team, we’ve folded them right in with our team…we really needed to ensure that the people we were bringing on board really met our standards in terms of what we needed to do, technically; obviously, that they had personalities that fit with our team and our values.”
–Bob Kozal, VP of Product Development