Online Resources for Tech Hiring Managers

The internet is full of educational resources these days, but how do we find the ones that are worth our time? Here’s a readers digest of valuable resources for tech hiring managers:
Free Online Videos from The New Boston is not just an online forum, it’s also a platform for a multitude of instructional videos from tech to humanities, business to beauty. Programmers review The New Boston tech tutorials as being short to the point, however they’re reviewed as being better for those who are just starting out in new areas. So if you need a short introduction to a new application, check out The New Boston. But hey, how can you beat a free tutorial, even if it’s not as advanced as some people may like?
Linkedin Blog
Linkedin keeps its finger to the pulse when it comes to hiring trends and all things business. If you’re a hiring manager or someone looking for a job, check out Linkedin for sources that can tell you which type of skills are in high demand. You can see what you need to learn to land that perfect job, or you can gauge what the competition is like out there for the skills that you need to hire this year.
Toptal’s resources for people looking to hire developers are amazing. For numerous technologies Toptal provides job descriptions, hiring guides, interview questions, and other tips and practices. Toptal also has the Software Engineer’s Online Handbook. It provides coding tools, free collaboration tool suggestions, open source tools and code for common algorithms, and software industry trends and forecasts.
EC Group Hiring Guide
Toptal’s resources are great if you already know what kind of team member you want to hire, but if you’re still wrestling with the questions of whether to hire in-house, freelance, or contract, then you should read the EC Group Hiring Guide. From full-time to part time, in-house to offshore, there seem to be so many options in today’s hiring environment—but each option has advantages as well as drawbacks. Check out this guide to learn more about what type of hire is the right move for you and your needs.

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