Management is the Glue

When faced with the question of whether to outsource IT positions, companies have to weigh the various pros and cons. One of the strongest cons that a company might face is the level of management and quality control that will take place in these outsourced locations. Separated from the company by land and sea, an outsourced IT employee may not fully grasp the desires of a company and may not develop software in a way that is suitable to the client. When this happens, companies lose profit and have thrown hard-earned money towards an unsuccessful venture. According to Peter Vaihansky, a general manager at Americas for First Line Software, between 30 and 50% of outsourced IT projects fail completely, either because the project was abandoned by the outsourced employees, or because the results of the project fell short of the desired outcome of the client. Left on their own to complete the task of the client, outsourced IT developers tend to have a difficult time creating a satisfactory product.

One possible solution to this issue is establishing proper management in these outsourcing locations, where the management know the company and can guide IT developers to create appealing outcomes. However, this oftentimes does not come without an additional burden on the companies seeking to outsource. In the same article, Vaihansky cites a report from the Aberdeen Group, in which 76% of customers report project management and vendor administration costs at much higher levels than they anticipated. If the project is to be done correctly, the company seemingly has to sacrifice more capital to achieve the results it wants. According to an article in Forbes magazine, IT outsourcing contracts dropped 20 percent in 2012 as companies felt the need to create higher quality work ‘in-house,’ sacrificing the higher costs necessary. It seems that many companies feel you must raise costs to do the work in-house, or else your job will not get done properly at all.

While many companies may feel this way, there are businesses that seek to provide companies with the ability to outsource their projects to IT developers with quality management that can convey the wishes of the company to employees that they work with on a daily basis. This is one of the strongest goals of EC Group. EC Group recruits and top software developer for specific clients and trains them on the specifics of the client’s domain. Through this training, these new IT professionals have all of the keys necessary to make your business successful. However, once they receive this training, they are not left on their own. These professionals begin working under quality team leaders for specific clients.The clients indicate their desires to the team leaders in these locations, which are directly conveyed to the IT employees, so that the company receives a quality product at no additional cost. This way, the IT professional feels like a member of your staff, rather than a disconnected entity. As the world grows to become more of a connected environment, your company should not feel like it is stretching apart. EC Group desires to bridge the gap between quality IT professionals and your company.

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