This Monday our office had the day off to celebrate Republic Day–what a better time than to go visit the people at Little Hearts?!

Approximately 6.5% of the Indian population has some form of serious mental disorder. These people are marginalized not just by society, but also their own families. Parents will often abandon their children with mental disabilities—sometimes out of shame, sometimes out of necessity. Visiting friends or family are often anxious about coming to these homes because they don’t know how to act around the child, so instead they choose not to visit at all. In households where the husband and wife both work, then there is no one to take care of the child. In such a case, even parents with great love for their children find it impossible to care for them, so the child is abandoned.

The mentally challenged are deprived of those they need most…those who provide love and affection. Organizations like the Little Hearts home seek to fill that void. Pic 1Little Hearts is a residential school for the mentally challenged. In support of the school and a desire to show these people some much needed love, EC Group pays visits to the school. We had a day off of work to celebrate our Republic Day, so a number of us from EC Group spent it at the school. This visit, we sang actions songs, played games, and did coloring books with the students.

Pic 3


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