Evaluating a Vendor’s Retention Strategy

The 4th video in our series on how to evaluate an offshore vendor is all about retention. Check out the video to understand the importance of employee retention for you, your team, and your product. Check out the links below for EC Group’s tips on how to boost your company’s retention.
Retaining Employees: Infographic
How to Make Employees Happy, Productive, and Want to Stick Around
How to Retain Remote Employees
How We Build Employee Retention
Video Transcription:

Losing a quality team member is always painful. Not only that, it seems like it always happens at the worst time…whether at the middle of a project, or right before a major release. It’s easy to spot the negative downgrade effects of losing key team members that you actually enjoy working with. It’s not as easy to spot this employee team members when it’s happening with your vendors. But the bottom line is that if your vendors are seeing high levels of turnover, then that’s going to hit the output that they’re having for you and their performance when it comes to your projects. So it’s really important to ask some key questions when talking to your vendor about their employee retention strategies. What are they doing, what tactics do they use to boost their employee retention? How do they build their company culture to ensure that their best players are sticking around and consequently staying with you long term? It’s very easy to overlook but it’s a very critical aspect of how they’re retaining their best talent, so that best talent is working on your product and for you. 

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