Flexis and EC Group

A Case Study: Situation – Solution – Results


Flexis is the creator of novel web-based electronic medical record software for healthcare providers to exchange clinical data in a HIPAA-compliant, networked, and cooperative manner. The system allows medical providers access to a secure, global, unified medical record, irrespective of where the data originates (paper-based records or legacy systems). Flexis also needed a way to coordinate its software development with its sister company, Open Medical Institute (OMI).

  • Rapidly Growing Business
  • Growing Development Needs
  • Silicon Valley Talent Shortage

Dr. Andy K., founder and CEO of Flexis and OMI, needed skilled software developers who could grasp their business concept quickly and help build an increasingly sophisticated electronic medical records application. They required a team who could work with limited direction, communicate during off hours, and fit within their development budget.


Initially, EC Group worked with Andy to define the skill set and expertise necessary to accomplish their goals. Then EC Group recruited highly skilled software developers to meet Flexis’ specific needs. The Flexis development team has worked from EC Group’s secure corporate office in Southern India, and has grown steadily over time.

“EC Group has been a vital partner for Flexis since 2002. I have been able to focus my attention on architecting and designing a great product while entrusting much of the development to my team of EC Group developers.”

-Dr. Andy K
CEO, Flexis


  • Outsourced programming personnel without losing control of product development
  • Maximized investment capital
  • Focused core team’s attention on architecture and design development
  • Reduced time-to-market schedule significantly
  • Kept pace with changing technology
  • Accelerated product feature set deployment

“We recruit specifically for your software development needs, and make sure that you have direct access and control.”