Bike Drive for the Gypsies

A pattern of no education contributes to a cycle of stagnation from generation to generation. When given the opportunity to learn, people have the agency to make decisions for themselves—decisions which often result in progress.Over money, over shelter, over medical care, education is perhaps the most empowering thing a person can have. Unfortunately for our village friends, the closest school is nearly four miles away. Children of all ages walk this distance daily. They must face the challenge of hiking through heat and downpours, and afterward must still posses the energy to learn. Because of this difficulty many children drop out of school. 

Last month representatives from EC Group Datasoft met with the village pastor and the headmistress of the local school to discuss the high drop out rate of the children. The headmistress informed everyone that the children found it too difficult to walk so far, and felt that bicycles could make it much easier. 

What a wonderful solution!

EC Group helped conduct a bike drive, and in the end received 17 bikes from willing donors. Any repairs that had to be done were completed. Now, 17 of the middle school children have bikes to take to school—a pretty good start, we’d say. 

“In India, education is key for a child to be successful in the society—especially children from the lower strata of the society. To help a child to be successful, we must do whatever we can…by giving an unused cycle, the children can go to school regularly and not thinking of dropping out. For me, it was great sense of satisfaction to see the need of these poor under privileged children are met.” — Arun J.Isaac, Sr. VP of Operations

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