What Are the Best US Cities for Hiring Software Developers?

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The best U.S. cities to find software developers might surprise you if you think bigger cities are the norm. At one time, Silicon Valley in Southern California was the center of the universe when it came to finding the best American software developers. Nowadays, you’ll find some surprising cities pop up where the best talent now live and seek work.

Read on to see where the best cities are to locate your next software developer superstar. If you can’t find these developers on your own, we’re here to help you build your team.

Top 5 US Cities for Software Developers

Colorado Springs, Colorado

Did you know Colorado is now a major hub for those who develop software? Colorado Springs isn’t the only Colorado city to top the list for this type of talent.

While Colorado Springs is considered a smaller Colorado city, it all comes down to software demand in any particular location. Here, software is more in demand of late due to becoming like a second Silicon Valley. 

Also, because it’s more affordable to live in Colorado Springs, it’s attracting a lot of developers that could help your company. It’s even a very health-conscious city, making it a popular destination to find the recruits you need. 

A lot of software developers are also making six figures there. Take some time to explore the talent in Colorado Springs since the population of developers is reportedly higher than it’s ever been.

Overall, the superior quality of life in Colorado is making it a top state to find software engineers and developers.

Atlanta, Georgia

Perhaps some of you will be surprised to learn the U.S. South is another software developer hotspot. Demand has been growing in the Atlanta area for top tech graduates. Plus, the economy there continues to burgeon. As a result, it’s attracting more people wanting development jobs.

Another reason to look here is that Atlanta is considered to be one of the most affordable cities in all of Georgia. Housing prices are much more reasonable, making it rich with potential hires.

Nearby tech universities (namely Georgia Tech) are also thriving with software developer talents waiting to find their first jobs. You should consider tapping their list of graduates to find your next software developer. 

Thanks to remote work becoming a trend, it doesn’t matter if your new developer lives in Atlanta. It allows them to live affordably while still being committed to working for your company.

You should also look into the Top 100 software development companies in Atlanta to see who’s looking for a new opportunity. 

Phoenix, Arizona

Not long ago, no one would have thought Phoenix would become a major city to find software developers. And yet, it’s noted as being another surprising tech hub in this region of the United States.

Many of the reasons you’ll find a lot of talented software developers here is similar to the other cities above. The economy in Phoenix is doing well, and it’s becoming a very affordable place to live.

A lot more homes are available in Phoenix as well, making it an attractive place for upstart software developers to settle down. Take some time to explore the possibilities in Phoenix since you’re sure to find many talented people willing to work for you.

Once again, remote work is trending, making it reasonable for your new hire to stay in Phoenix without having to travel long-distance.

Seattle, Washington

Maybe it’s not a surprise to you that Seattle made it on the list. The Pacific NW has grown considerably as a tech sector of America in recent years. Seattle is now a major leading city, even more popular than the cities listed above. 

Tech professionals are in high demand here, making it an attractive place for developers to move. Additionally, the economy is doing well in Seattle, which includes heavy demand for tech jobs. 

Most appealing to these developers is pay. Seattle boasts some of the largest salaries for software development careers. This pay scale is exceeding even Silicon Valley!

Six figures are not out of the question for many software developers here. If you plan to recruit someone from Seattle, you may have to negotiate and be willing to pay a little higher.

Denver, Colorado

Now you know why we mentioned Colorado above. Yes, Denver is now the leading city to find the most talented software developers in the entire country. Various factors are at play as to why this is. Tech jobs are in high demand, but so is local real estate.

Thanks to the high value of homes in the area, it’s an attractive place to land a software development job while also having a higher standard of raising a family. 

Best of all, most software development salaries in Denver are well into the six figures. As with Seattle above, you’ll likely have to make a generous offer to recruits.

Silicon Valley is still a contender, of course, even though many developers are moving to Denver since it’s cheaper than living in places like San Francisco. For a renter, that’s even more true.

What Can We Do to Help You Find the Best Software Developers?

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