Spring finally arrived in Michigan this week. Good thing, too, because we were all starting to get cabin fever. It didn’t help that everyone in the India office (where it’s nice and sunny 365 days a year) got to go on a family beach outing. 

(Some of us Michiganders considered a beach outing for ourselves, but this is what Lake Michigan looks like this time of year:

Yeah. Not happening.)

So we all sat bundled up in the U.S. office, dreaming of warmer days and thinking about all the fun our Indian colleagues were having. 

I don’t mean to sound so jealous. It’s really important to our company that our employees and their families spend time outside of work together as friends. Family is very important in India, so to have fun with each other bonds everyone together. 

One of our guys, Raja, sent us some pictures of the event. The HR team organized games for all age groups. There were couples games, singles competitions, and water polo. The fashion parade put on by the kids was especially cute.

Everyone looks like they had a blast. 

Maybe once Lake Michigan melts we can have a beach day of our own!

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