5 Tips For Finding Software Talent

Long-term business success isn’t easy in today’s software developer shortage, but what’s a company to do when it can’t find the right talent fit? Teams continue to suffer from the shortage, especially in mobile where agility and speediness are required to get ahead of competitors. The temptation to make a bad hire persists, but companies should still look for more than just a list of technical skills when hiring a new employee. The third Harvey Nash Technology Survey reported that, “software development cited as the most in demand skill set, however project management and business liaison skills also in demand.”

In this software developer shortage, not only is it hard to hire, hiring itself is changing. We want to equip you with a few helpful resources and ideas that could help fill your talent needs.

Gild & Githire – Githire’s tagline is “5 exceptional developers for a phone interview within 30 days or your money back”. Their system crawls github repositories and ranks developers much like Google ranks webpages. Gild offers a similar service along with mobile quizzes and challenges to help you find and assess potential candidates. They even have their own “Gild score” to help rank candidates.www.gild.comwww.githire.com

LinkedIn talent pipeline – This helpful tool allows you to centralize and track all your leads and candidates. It helps you keep everything organized in one location with the ability to nurture potential hires along the process. http://talent.linkedin.com/talentpipeline/

Hacking Competitions – The best way to get the talent out is a good ole’ fashion duel, against other hackers of course. Sponsor a competition and get first hand exposure to the talent around you, its almost like you are hiring them for your own sample project. Or you could simply attend events like CodeMash in your local area http://codemash.org/

Developer groups & Conferences – Every town has a user’s group or development meetup of some kind, become a sponsor or provide a venue for these groups to meet. Giving back to the community will build your brand locally and help you connect with the developers on an entirely different level.

HOST – Host is what our company, EC Group, calls its offshore model. Hosted Offshore Software Teams. We used the word “hosted” because it’s really your team, but in our office in India. We find developers specific for our clients, and then the client maintains direct control over their team and development. Check out how we do it at ecgroup-intl.com/our-process/.

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