Women in urban India are becoming increasingly career oriented. Due to work pressure and long hours spent at the office, many parents do not spend quality or quantity time with their children. Children without sufficient parental care can become wrongly influenced by their friends, movies, television, along with countless other things. With this in mind, EC Group decided to conduct a seminar to educate our employees about parenting, so that they might better understand issues related to their children. We realize that parents have the God given power to mold their children into decent and loving individuals by teaching them moral values. Children often imitate what they learn at home and this knowledge can have a lasting impact on their lives.

EC Group organized a seminar for its employees called We Love our Kids.” Guest speaker, Child Psychiatrist of Chennai, Dr. Esther spoke about these upcoming family issues and how to deal with them. Many of the parents in our company said that the Seminar was an eye opener for them and their spouse. We hope that the wisdom of Dr. Esther can take root in the homes of our employees families.

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