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For the staff of EC Group, the love of travel is a non-negotiable! However, we’ve waited on the edge of our seats for our visas to arrive to know that traveling to some places can be more difficult than others. Through the process of many trips (and plenty of trial and error), we’ve come up with some strategies for mitigating the unique difficulties that accompany a trip to India. We want to make the large amount of experience represented by our team available as a resource to you!

This downloadable PDF is full of information we believe is vital to know prior to traveling to India. The items contained here represent the collective knowledge our team has developed over dozens and dozens of Indian adventures! This guide is informative as well as fun for anyone; whether you have immediate plans to make a trip or not. We have included several helpful reference items as well as personal travel tips from members of the EC Group team.


  • Tom & Lynda’s Packing List
  • Tips from the EC Group Staff
  • Important Indian Holidays
  • Pre-Trip Timeline Planner

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India Travel Summary Video

Our trips to India are a crucial part of our business, and after dozens of journeys there, we have come to love the people and the culture. During a trip in November, 2014 we set out to document the trip in such a way that would share our experience in India from takeoff to landing. Take a moment to absorb yourself in the great Indian culture that we love!

This video was shot over our most recent two-week trip to Chennai. Enjoy the glimpse of Indian culture!


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