How does Getting out of the Office Make Teams Stronger?

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Video Transcript:

There’s an old piece of advice that people give to someone contemplating getting married, and they say take a trip with that person. If you go and you spend seven days on a road trip with them and you come back and you still want to get married, then that’s probably the person for you. And I was thinking about this and I was thinking that there’s a lot of advice there than can go towards working with a team. Because the core of that advice really is to get that person outside of the norm. Get that person…experience new things, get out of your comfort zone, and then you get to really see how they are but also build a unique relationship. There’s a lot of similarities when you talk about a team, and how do you build deeper relationships with your team, but how do you also increase communication? And really what it’s getting down to is how do you see another side of that person. And one of the things that we’ve found is very powerful is to get outside of work with your team. One of the most powerful ways that you can do that is actually serving with your team. So one of the things we’ve built in our company is we actually have dedicated time where we’re serving with our team, going out there doing service projects in the community and it’s really powerful because not only do you get to talk to your team about things that they care about and see them actually in a different light than just the normal humdrum day of work, but you actually increase communication because you learn more about that person and more of the uniqueness and personality traits and that sort of thing so you really understand how to communicate with your team. Because you’re tailoring your communication then more towards how they actually are. It doesn’t have to be anything elaborate, I mean it could be as simple as just going out to lunch with them without an agenda, without it being a planning meeting, but just to kind of get a sense of the other side of what your team cares about and how they talk, how they interact. You’re only best able to communicate with someone when you actually understand them and understand how they’re gonna hear you. If it’s one thing that’s the most important thing about teams, it’s communication. Communication is how things get done, and a team that can communicate can achieve exponentially more than a team that is struggling with communication. 

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