Happy Independence Day!

The 15th of August marked the anniversary of India’s 69th year of independence from the British. We held our celebration the day before (Friday), when everyone was in the office. In addition to the typical speeches and flag raising, we also did some community outreach and even had an “independence day slogan” competition. 

Our Slogan champion was Ms. Kavitha Rose. Her slogan: Better me, better we, better India!

True to the spirit of Kavitha’s slogan, leading up to our Independence Day celebration the office organized some “Go Green” initiatives. For the first activity, all employees with a two or four-wheeler vehicle over a year old took a vehicle emission test. For our second activity, we distributed 250 Nochi saplings to all employees and also door-to-door around our neighborhood. 

What does going green have to do with plants, you wonder? The Nochi is an amazing plant wildly popular in Southeast Asia; it’s used to treat a large number of problems, from eczema to backache, enlarged spleens to liver disorders. Our mission, however, was special. Among the Nochi’s diverse set of uses is it’s amazing ability to repel mosquitos. If you hadn’t guessed, mosquitoes are a terrible menace in Southern India. The carry diseases such as malaria, chikungunya, and dengue. Our “Go Green” initiative was the perfect time to celebrate the amazing abilities of something so small as a sapling. 

Enjoy some pictures from the day!

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