News Digest – Hiring Again

It’s a common belief that the best strategy for employee retention is to pay your employees more than any other company would. However, according to this article out of CIO, this is not as much the case as it used to be. According to Computerworld’s 2014 IT Salary Survey, the softer factors of workplace life are playing […]

News Digest – What’s Up with Hiring?

Recently, CIO released a list of cities that are facing the largest shortages of tech pros in the country. As you may have guessed, New York City appears at the top of the list, followed by Silicon Valley giant San Francisco. While neither of these top two are surprising, the rest of the list is […]

News Digest – Employee Retention

The Perks of working at Google, Facebook, Twitter and More It must be good to work at the top. This infographic shows you some of the perks of working at large tech companies such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Google. Ever wanted your own running trail? LinkedIn and Google have them. Ever wanted to use your […]

News Digest – HR Quick Reads

Can Nadella remake Microsoft under his new manifesto? Recently, Satya Nadella posted a memo to the entire staff of Microsoft in which he laid out the mission for the company in the years ahead. As Microsoft changes ownership and changes their operations, they have to reinvent themselves in some respects to keep up with the […]