3 Tips for Choosing the Right Team Communication Software

Any tools are a large part of communication, especially when you’re talking about a team that’s distributed or remote. And it’s not just about getting stuff done. “Overall, using an inter-office messaging tool has fostered a company culture that is more productive, more creative, and more sociable,” says Aron Susman of TheSquareFoot. “We knew going […]

Agile and Scrum, Lean and Kanban: a Brief History

Agile and Scrum, Lean and Kanban So many teams in the software sphere are integrating at least one of these project management methods. For those of you, like me, who are curious about the origins of these terms, I’ve compiled a brief history of each. (Full disclosure: Wikipedia was my go-to source for historical dates and events. I’ll […]

Happy Independence Day!

The 15th of August marked the anniversary of India’s 69th year of independence from the British. We held our celebration the day before (Friday), when everyone was in the office. In addition to the typical speeches and flag raising, we also did some community outreach and even had an “independence day slogan” competition.  Our Slogan […]

Struggling to Satisfy Your Electronic Medical Records User?

My first ever job was at my dad’s medical practice scanning paper records into the brand new electronic medical record system. Looking back, I remember what an exciting season of life those four years were…NOT (scanning an endless pile of paper is not fun). This was around 2008, when lots of medical practices and hospitals […]

Google I/O: 3 Things I Learned

Google I/O, formed in 2008, is Google’s annual event for announcing and promoting all of their most recent product developments, plans, and audacious attempts at innovation. The main event is held in San Francisco, but as you can imagine the demand is pretty high for tickets to the main event. Luckily, passionate communities all around […]

Re-Defining IT Staff Augmentation and Managed Services

Managed services vs IT staff augmentation. The internet is littered with articles discussing the pros and cons of each. These two models are the typical go-to’s. But it seems regardless of which direction you go, you’re probably not going to be satisfied with either. Why? Because if you’re facing a talent shortage in your office, […]

Weekly Digest – Women in Tech

This Guy Wants Girls to Skip College and Go Straight into Tech Jobs As you could have guessed, IT is a highly male-dominated industry as men have seemed to gravitate more towards tech jobs than women have. However, these numbers are slowly beginning to change, and one company wants to keep them changing. Treehouse, an […]

Management is the Glue

When faced with the question of whether to outsource IT positions, companies have to weigh the various pros and cons. One of the strongest cons that a company might face is the level of management and quality control that will take place in these outsourced locations. Separated from the company by land and sea, an […]

3 Tactics to Better Engage your Employees

In today’s world of ever shrinking career lengths and everyone becoming a part-timer with various “gigs” on the side, its more important than ever to keep your employees engaged and excited about their role. The data has definitely shown an increase in desire for employees to make an “impact” through their vocation. While its easy […]

Introduction to Identity and Access Control in .NET 4.5

As several of our clients are utilizing ADFS for authorizing users into their application, learning this course enabled us to understand how ADFS perform in Authentication. And this course provided us in depth knowledge of Identity and Access Control in .NET 4.5. This was an online session from the www. pluralsite.com.