IT Hiring: Does a Software Developer Have To Go to College?

A group of college graduates take a selfie, illustrating the decision in IT hiring to look for a college graduate as a software developer.

IT hiring has become even more challenging with the current labor shortage. With the rising cost of traditional four-year university education, more and more people are turning to self-education to learn the skills they need for their desired careers. This is especially true in software development, where a college degree is not always necessary to […]

Boost Employee Morale: Physical Fitness Lays a Foundation for Success

A group of workers boost employee morale and productivity through stretches and physical fitness.

Does physical fitness increase employee morale and productivity? Today’s workplace environments are ideal settings for exercise motivation as more businesses recognize the important link between physical and mental health. Previous studies (mostly focused on office workers) found that about 50% of office workers experience musculoskeletal disorders and other health-related quality-of-life diseases. As an employer, you […]

The Benefits of an Offshore Software Development Team in 2022

IT manager has video conference with his offshore development team.

For many businesses, outsourcing software development to offshore teams offers a number of benefits. This is especially the case now that the pandemic has led to labor shortages, increased costs, and the need for remote operations. Offshore software development entails delegating projects to third-party providers located in other countries. This approach can help businesses overcome […]

How to Make Employees Happy, Productive, and Want to Stick Around

How do you make your employees happy and productive? And what causes them to actually want to stay with your company? It is easier said than done. Some people think employee happiness is overrated (do you?). “Being happy at work isn’t just good for the employees. It’s good for the company, too. After all, a […]

How Does Casual Communication Improve your Team

When you’re communicating with your distributed team, it’s so easy to just start talking about deliverables and things you need ASAP. Things that are due right away. Things that you need to work on. You miss out on the water cooler talk. It’s easy to have those conversations when you’re next to each other as […]

Do You Need a Dedicated Scrum Master?

Maybe we should first address what a SM does exactly. Summarized by Scrum Hub, a Scrum Master is responsible for… Facilitating (not participating in) the daily standup Helping the team maintain their burndown chart Setting up retrospectives, sprint reviews or sprint planning sessions Shielding the team from interruptions during the sprint Removing obstacles that affect […]

Are You a Good Leader According to This TED Talk?

The poet Stephen Crane once wrote: A man said the the universe “Sir, I exist!” “However,” replied the universe, “The fact has not created in me A sense of obligation.” So much of life—especially as an employee—is spent wishing for someone in authority over you not only to acknowledge that “I exist!” but also to feel […]

What is the Essential Ingredient for Employee Happiness?

A couple weeks ago, Seth Godin wrote a blog post about empathy. (If you don’t subscribe to Godin’s blog, you should. His posts are brief, insightful, and one of the best things I find in my inbox every day.) Since the post is so short, I figured I’d just paste it right here for you: […]

Tips for Retaining Employees: Infographic