Team Communication: the Water Cooler (video)

Do you love water cooler talk, or hate it? Here’s a short video on why it’s actually very important (especially for distributed teams). Video Transcript: It’s so easy to get into the habit of when you’re communicating with your team, to just start talking about deliverables. Start talking about things that you need ASAP. Things […]

How to Stand out When Corporate Social Responsibility is the New Normal

“To serve is beautiful, but only if it is done with joy and a whole heart and a free mind.” -Pearl S. Buck   Why is everyone so obsessed with CSR? Over the past five years, there has been a significant increase in corporations participating and forming corporate social responsibility programs. Did everyone suddenly become […]

3 Obstacles of Agile Methodology and How to Overcome Them

Over the past couple years, non-tech industries have gradually adopted a project methodology held dear by software developers everywhere: Agile Methodology (click the link for an excellent agile definition, brought to you by the world’s greatest website, Wikipedia). Our own company does agile marketing—specifically Agile Scrum—which we found to be an appropriate move, given that […]

Re-Defining IT Staff Augmentation and Managed Services

Managed services vs IT staff augmentation. The internet is littered with articles discussing the pros and cons of each. These two models are the typical go-to’s. But it seems regardless of which direction you go, you’re probably not going to be satisfied with either. Why? Because if you’re facing a talent shortage in your office, […]

10 Criteria to Evaluate an Offshore Software Vendor

Are you looking into going offshore for some of your development needs? Having trouble figuring out which kind of vendor is the right fit, or afraid that you’ll be jaded by a bad choice? Here are ten criteria to evaluate an offshore vendor to see if they’re a good fit for you and your company. 1. Hiring Process […]

Road Safety & First Aid Seminar

Every 4 minutes, one death is reported on the streets of India. India holds the highest number of deaths due to road accidents. Tamil Nadu (the state our office is located in) tops the list with 16,175 deaths in 67,757 accidents. The crucial time between the accident and getting the victim medical attention can often […]

7 Reasons Why Your Company Should Have Been Training its Employees by Now

Did you ever think that your employees may be getting worse as they have more experience in your organization? In today’s society, the value of shared information is exponentially increasing, as new avenues and pathways have opened up a myriad of perspectives on every subject imaginable. However, there are still some companies that have not […]

Seminar on Physical Fitness

How many seminars have you been to where it required exercise? Probably not many, but this week all of our Datasoft employees got to do a bit of huffing and puffing at a seminar on physical fitness. If you’re a developer, you can relate to the feeling of sitting in front of a computer all […]

Can You Learn Business at a Food Pantry?

Our team has been volunteering at a local food pantry and have found it both rewarding to be able to give back and it’s also a good mental break from the work day. As with any change of pace/environment it is a way to refocus and clear your head and a good learning opportunity. A […]

Managing Millennial Developers

Paul Graham flanked by Y Combinator entrepreneurs. (Photo: Robyn Twomey) It has been said many times that talented developers in today’s landscape have more options than they know what to do with. Many CIO’s say they are entitled and they delusions of being the next Zuckerburg. I’ve heard the comment “developers don’t know that being […]