the Gypsy Village Meets ECHO (EC Group Health Outreach)

If you’ve been keeping up with our outreach news, you’ve seen that we’ve been doing a lot of activities with the Gypsy village not far outside of the city of Chennai. Our last visit was for our Christmas party celebration. We visited again last week, this time as part of the annual EC Group medical […]

Clothing Donations

When you donate your unused clothes to a Goodwill or Salvation Army, where do you hope they go? Probably to someone who is in need. That’s what I hope for, at least. Then again, it’s so easy to drop off a bag of clothes at the donation center, and then go on with your day […]

Beach Day

Spring finally arrived in Michigan this week. Good thing, too, because we were all starting to get cabin fever. It didn’t help that everyone in the India office (where it’s nice and sunny 365 days a year) got to go on a family beach outing.  (Some of us Michiganders considered a beach outing for ourselves, […]

Little Hearts Visit

This Monday our office had the day off to celebrate Republic Day–what a better time than to go visit the people at Little Hearts?! Approximately 6.5% of the Indian population has some form of serious mental disorder. These people are marginalized not just by society, but also their own families. Parents will often abandon their […]

Sharing the Joy of Christmas with the Gypsies

In the Thiruvallur District, about 30 miles from Chennai, there’s a village of 186 people who are referred to as the Gypsies. These people are marginalized, considered to be the lowest members of Indian society–untouchable according to some Indian communities. They are popularly called Narikuravars, or nomads. Most are illiterate, uneducated, and marry among themselves. […]

Road Safety & First Aid Seminar

Every 4 minutes, one death is reported on the streets of India. India holds the highest number of deaths due to road accidents. Tamil Nadu (the state our office is located in) tops the list with 16,175 deaths in 67,757 accidents. The crucial time between the accident and getting the victim medical attention can often […]

News Digest – Social Responsibility

Think You’re Being Socially Responsible? Think again While companies are  buying into Corporate Social Responsibility, many do not have positive motives. Because they feel that they have earned up enough “moral credits” with their social responsibility, many businesses do not behave morally in other areas. A moral credit system is the wrong way to approach CSR. In […]

Are companies actually doing good in the community?

Bi-Weekly Digest Corporate Social Responsibility Companies Impacting the Community We talk about Corporate Social Responsibility all the time within business, but how good are companies at actually following through with it? According to a 2012 survey, only 3 in 10 employees in Fortune 500 companies gave an hour of their work hours towards volunteering. One reason why […]

Work Day / Spa Day

Some days while sitting behind a desk my shoulders tense up and I think, “Man, if I worked at Google where they have in-house masseuses, this wouldn’t be an issue,”and for a few moments I consider going back to school to get a degree in computer science so I can get hired at a top […]

EC Health Outreach (ECHO)

Not all people in India can access the healthcare they need. Urban areas have claimed 75% health infrastructure resources, but only 27% of India’s population lives in cities. The other 716 million of India’s people live in rural communities, where they suffer from a chronic lack of medical facilities. (Stats provided by the United Nations) […]