Flood Relief Efforts

Chennai recently experienced a natural disaster caused by non-stop monsoon rains and overflowing rivers and reservoir. The flood waters are receding, leaving behind a terrible wake of destruction. EC Group has been organizing relief efforts for our friends in the community who have been hit hard by the floods. Below are pictures of our supply delivery to […]

Hats Off!

Hats off to the EC Group Datasoft CSR organizers and volunteers! This year the team participated in the Asia Pacific HRD Congress Awards, and won for Best Use of CSR Practices. About 350 companies participated, and six awards were given for CSR activities. Arun Isaac, who received the award on behalf of EC Group, stood […]

Medical Camp in the Fishing Villages

One of EC Group Datasoft’s repeating outreach activities is our medical camp. Why do we keep organizing the same event? Because, according to a report by the U.N., 75% of India’s healthcare resources are available to only 27% of the population—those living in urban areas. The challenge for those living in rural areas isn’t merely […]

Bike Drive for the Gypsies

A pattern of no education contributes to a cycle of stagnation from generation to generation. When given the opportunity to learn, people have the agency to make decisions for themselves—decisions which often result in progress.Over money, over shelter, over medical care, education is perhaps the most empowering thing a person can have. Unfortunately for our […]

Big Corporate Social Responsiblity for Small Business

People often stereotype corporate social responsibility initiatives as being only for large companies, which often causes small business owners to think that CSR is not for them. I’m here to tell you that that doesn’t have to be the case. To prove my point, I’ve identified key initiatives by large corporations and listed out ideas […]

How to Stand out When Corporate Social Responsibility is the New Normal

“To serve is beautiful, but only if it is done with joy and a whole heart and a free mind.” -Pearl S. Buck   Why is everyone so obsessed with CSR? Over the past five years, there has been a significant increase in corporations participating and forming corporate social responsibility programs. Did everyone suddenly become […]

5 Steps to Maximize your Company’s Corporate Social Impact

These days, it’s highly understood that doing good is good for business. Many businesses engage in corporate social responsibility programs for different reasons, but whatever the motivations may be, statistics have proven CSR to be a good choice.  The CECP’s Giving in Numbers survey found the following to be true of socially responsible companies: Among companies […]

ECHO Update: Glasses for the Gypsies

If you keep up with our outreach posts, you might remember that in April we conducted our annual medical camp, which this year benefitted the Gypsies who live just outside of Chennai. (You can read about it here.) At the medical camp, doctors conducted over one hundred eye examinations, and twenty people were prescribed glasses. […]

We Got Blood!

Every summer when Indian people take their vacations, a crisis arises. As you might know, India faces a terrible blood shortage—but this shortage worsens in the summer time. Regular blood donors take their vacation right when children come for surgeries in large numbers, creating a supply/demand gap which can cause lives to be lost.  To […]