What Are the Best US Cities for Hiring Software Developers?

A concept of network lines connecting dots, representing software developers in major US cities.

The best U.S. cities to find software developers might surprise you if you think bigger cities are the norm. At one time, Silicon Valley in Southern California was the center of the universe when it came to finding the best American software developers. Nowadays, you’ll find some surprising cities pop up where the best talent […]

IT Hiring: Does a Software Developer Have To Go to College?

A group of college graduates take a selfie, illustrating the decision in IT hiring to look for a college graduate as a software developer.

IT hiring has become even more challenging with the current labor shortage. With the rising cost of traditional four-year university education, more and more people are turning to self-education to learn the skills they need for their desired careers. This is especially true in software development, where a college degree is not always necessary to […]

Offshore Vs. Nearshore: Which Makes the Best Software Development Team?

Software development team from India illustrates the advantages of offshore vs. nearshore outsourcing.

Offshore vs. Nearshore. Have you considered these outsourcing options? Outsourcing is the fastest and most cost-effective way to complete your software development. With outsourcing, you get to hire an external resource to handle specific app development functions. For years, the ability to cut costs by outsourcing to the growing skilled labor pool in developing countries […]

Boost Employee Morale: Physical Fitness Lays a Foundation for Success

A group of workers boost employee morale and productivity through stretches and physical fitness.

Does physical fitness increase employee morale and productivity? Today’s workplace environments are ideal settings for exercise motivation as more businesses recognize the important link between physical and mental health. Previous studies (mostly focused on office workers) found that about 50% of office workers experience musculoskeletal disorders and other health-related quality-of-life diseases. As an employer, you […]

IT Staffing Trends: How Does the Current Climate Compare to Pre-Pandemic?

A group of IT candidates in a row representing staffing trends.

Even under normal circumstances, the IT industry is in constant flux. However, the past two years were as far from normal as it gets. To avoid falling behind and dealing with major financial issues, tech companies must understand and respond to the shifting landscape and pivot to meet industry demands. To help, we’ve compiled some relevant data, […]

Successful Legacy System Migration: An Introductory Guide

An upgrade button on a keyword shows the importance of legacy system migration.

Change is always difficult to grapple with. However, change is often necessary. Legacy systems — old or outdated technology — are a prime example of this unfortunate truth. Many companies use well-liked legacy systems, which meet their needs and that everyone’s already familiar with, and don’t see the point in spending the time and money […]

Do I Need My Own Scrum Master? The Pros and Cons

Vector image showing a Scrum framework and the role of a Scrum Master.

Before deciding if you need your own Scrum master, let’s get a brief overview of what Scrum is. Scrum is a philosophy, theory, and structure of product development proposed in the 1990s by Ken Schwaber and Jeff Sutherland. The resulting framework used an empirical (scientific) approach based on transparency, inspection, and adaption. Ultimately, Scrum identified […]

Good Leadership Starts With Knowing When To Hold Your Tongue

Woman covers her mouth with her finger, illustrating that good leadership involves being quiet and knowing when to delegate.

Wielding your words well is a challenge for anyone in a position of leadership that wants to foster a strong team. When a leader speaks, the team (and company) listens. Not to say that everyone in the company walks in lockstep with the leader at his whim, it’s just to say that the leader’s words […]

Goal Setting: How To Avoid a Software Development Road Trip

A lost couple looks at a map, illustrating how a lack of software development goals can lead to a detour on your road trip.

Road Trip! The term has come to represent the joy of the journey. Unfortunately, some software development projects feel like road trips. No one is sure about the destination. As a result, the path becomes unclear and soon no one enjoys the journey. Similarly, a software development road trip happens when the only goal is […]

3 Benefits of Using a Managed Service Provider for Cloud Services

Cloud services concept shows various services provided by cloud applications.

Nothing beats the convenience of cloud computing. Over the past 10 to 20 years, organizations have seen a significant shift in how they view cloud services. Cloud infrastructure is now a vital business tool and has led to more reliance on cloud applications. As a result, businesses across industry sectors are adopting a serverless system […]