Evaluating a Vendor’s Retention Strategy [video]

https://vimeo.com/151952884The 4th video in our series on how to evaluate an offshore vendor is all about retention. Check out the video to understand the importance of employee retention for you, your team, and your product. Check out the links below for EC Group’s tips on how to boost your company’s retention. Retaining Employees: Infographic How […]

How to Make Employees Happy, Productive, and Want to Stick Around

How do you make your employees happy and productive? And what causes them to actually want to stay with your company? It is easier said than done. Some people think employee happiness is overrated (do you?). “Being happy at work isn’t just good for the employees. It’s good for the company, too. After all, a […]

How Bench Resources Hurt Software Developer Retention

https://vimeo.com/151952637 If you’re looking for an offshore vendor, be aware that most just assign their clients a set of bench resources. This might not seem like a problem, in fact it might seem completely reasonable. But think about it this way: offshore vendors are notorious for their high attrition rates of their employees—attrition ends up […]

Online Resources for Tech Hiring Managers

The internet is full of educational resources these days, but how do we find the ones that are worth our time? Here’s a readers digest of valuable resources for tech hiring managers: Free Online Videos from The New Boston Thenewboston.com is not just an online forum, it’s also a platform for a multitude of instructional videos from […]

Have you Written Off Offshoring? Learn what Changed a CIO’s Mind

Over the Top Marketing was kind enough to sit down on camera to talk about how EC Group’s offshoring model helps them do business. While most marketing companies provide either services or software, OTT provides both. This means that their team is highly tasked, dedicated, and invested in each client. CEO Chad Meisinger feels passionately […]

Is Another Crash in Silicon Valley’s Future?

Last Thursday, American Public Media program Marketplace had some  very interesting things to say about the state of Silicon Valley’s venture capital. Kai Ryssdal interviewed tech correspondent Molly Wood to discuss the influx of tech companies worth over a billion dollars (known as “unicorns”). “There are more than 80 of these startups,” says the Marketplace blog, […]

Why are People so Obsessed with Time Management?

People will sell you software to make you more productive, tips to make you more organized. They will sell you on the idea of minimalism to eliminate every possible distraction from your life so that you can simply stay in the present. It’s the obsession over Scandinavian minimalism. It’s trying to become a morning person. […]

The Offshore Outsourcing Series: Questions Answered

Intro to Series: Historically, many U.S. companies have viewed offshore outsourcing as affordable, but not reliable. In an effort to improve reliability, this four-part series overviews different factors, challenges, tools, and processes that are all involved in offshoring—all from the perspective of both the client and the offshore service provider. We hope this series alleviates […]

How your CFO can Contribute to Successful Outsourcing

Because technology is so integral to business, IT outsourcing is no longer the CIO’s challenge alone. When asked the right questions, in the right context and with the proper long-term vision, the CFO plays an amazingly valid and important role in policy and direction. However, if the recommendations or decisions are based on assumptions and […]

Can Offshore Work for a Startup?

If you had asked Chris Samuelson six months ago if he wanted to consider outsourcing some of his software development workload, he would have said no. But as it was, tech startup Varsity News Network had a developer in India on hand, and Chris was assigned to manage him. So how did six months of […]