Will Robots Replace Developers?

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Robots are increasingly becoming a part of our everyday lives. From vacuuming our homes, to moving boxes in warehouses and now even driving our cars, Technology continues to be more integrated into everything we do. IBM’s Watson’s overwhelming victory on Jeopardy last year was yet another example of the rapid development of robotic technology. In fact renowned futurist Ray Kurzweil has predicted that machines will be able to match the intelligence of humans by 2029. With all these advances in technology how soon will these robots be able to replace expensive software engineers? attempted to address this question in this recent November article. In…

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iPhones and Outsourcing

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What does buying an iPhone have to do with choosing an outsourcing partner? Besides the fact that both relate to technology that could be core to the operation of your business, there are other important similarities. Let me explain with a story… Recently California was charging more in tax than the price of the iPhone (story link). Absurd you say? Of course not, the law said they could. To spoil the story in the link; the law governing sales tax on a phone sold under subsidy by a carrier states that the tax is on the unsubsidized amount of the…

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Are Your Employees Outsourcing?

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A hilarious but greatly insightful article popped up as I was surfing LinkedIn the other day, not sure if you saw it… U.S. Employee Outsourced His Job to China, Watched Cat Videos Instead (link) What is so fascinating about this story is not so much that this “Bob” guy was just watching YouTube all day and getting away with it, or even that Verizon let this happen under their nose, its that this guy could be any developer at any company. Here he was getting great performance reviews, doing all that is asked of him, and the company is the one…

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Gun Control, Software & Risks

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I hate being out of control. Maybe I am a control freak, but I want to know the risks I am taking, and measure the risks against the benefits. Most risks are measurable; activities that we have involved ourselves in that we inherently know involve some degree of risk. For instance, I love to ride my motorcycle. Riding a bike has risks that you can control and risks that you cannot control – like the irresponsible actions of a distracted driver. Yet every time I get on my bike I know I am taking a risk, and I take the precautions…

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Managing Millennial Developers

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Paul Graham flanked by Y Combinator entrepreneurs. (Photo: Robyn Twomey) It has been said many times that talented developers in today’s landscape have more options than they know what to do with. Many CIO’s say they are entitled and they delusions of being the next Zuckerburg. I’ve heard the comment “developers don’t know that being a developer is a good living” he meant that developers just want to be the next billionaire startup; they take for granted the good jobs available to them. Understanding this problem is twofold; understanding millennials and how to make their differences work for you, and…

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The End of the Software Talent Crunch

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Let’s face it; developing a sustained talent pipeline is low on the priority list for most software companies. With tightening budgets and an ever-growing project backlog, we are fighting just to keep the system flowing and meeting project deadlines.  This leaves us very little time to worry about where our great talent is going to come from. We read the stories of soaring engineer salaries in Silicon Valley but there is very little talk of how to keep the talent pipeline full. 2012 brought the talent war, and so far it shows no sign of getting better any time soon. The WSJ pointed out that…

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